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HUNGARIAN GARDEN 23-26 January 2019


The trade exhibition Hungarian Garden presenting machinery and equipment dedicated for the maintenance of parks and gardens. The associated co-exhibitions of Hungarian Garden in the HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre is the Viticulture and Viniculture, demonstrating the background technology of vine growing and wine making, and the most important domestically organised agrarian exhibition, AGROmashEXPO and AgrárgepShow.

The HUNGARIAN GARDEN trade exhibition lists a storehouse of equipment and technology necessary for the purposes of designing, maintaining and working of gardens, parks, communal green areas.
The exhibition thematic covers the professional sector as a whole.

  • Garden and park planning
  • Gardening tools and machinery
  • Machinery for professional gardeners
  • Means for furnishing and establishing gardens
  • Coverings
  • Garden and park furniture, equipment for sport- and playgrounds
  • Garden pond techniques (Building, water- and lighting equipments)
  • Irrigation techniques
  • Plants and their propagation materials
  • Forcing houses and their fittings
  • Biological and chemical products
  • Packaging materials, foils
  • Management of waste from gardens and parks
  • Garden storages, tool-sheds
  • Equipments, accessoires for apiary
  • Flower bouquet arrangement

Record number of visitors in 2018

Constantly growing projects and a dynamic technological development - these are the characteristics of Hungarian agriculture, and this optimism was reflected in the recently completed exhibition, which has completed with a record-high turnout. Over 350 exhibitors presented across 40,000 square meters at HUNGEXPO Budapest Fair Centre, coupled with the Hungarian Garden and Viticulture and Viniculture exhibitions.